About Us

The Greetings From Co was founded in 2020 (yes, we are a COVID baby). Back then, all flights were grounded, which meant not only could we not travel, but we also couldn't collect our favourite souvenirs along the way. Cue... The Greetings From Co.

We wanted to bring you great souvenirs that were not only memorable, but also functional (forget about that spoon collection your Grandma has). With quality basics like t-shirts, mugs and sweatshirts, that feature original designs from 1940s postcards, we think we've achieved that.

The world is still not quite right and we're all longing to venture further from home. So our hope is that a little something from The Greetings From Co, will bring back fond memories of past travels and dreams of one day making new ones.

Thank you so much for supporting a small, family-run business. It means a lot. <3